For this video-photo project, I captured pictures in film footage made by models from all over the world.
I started this series in spring 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic.
It allowed me to continue my photography work on the naked male body at a time when it was not possible to work with models in a photo studio.
Contact with models was made thanks to social media, mostly on Instagram.
A great advantage of this working process is that it gave me the possibility to collaborate with people
I would never have met otherwise.
For this project, there were two important principles : I didn’t interfere when the models were making their videos and they were totally free to express what they wanted with their body. I only gave some technical advice and asked them to use a minimalist background.
I had no control over the shoots, which led me to experience photography differently.
Creating images from videos also allowed me to better catch the “ decisive moment ”.
The videos were taken with smartphones. This resulted in a raw photographic material that required a long postproduction process.
Some participants like to show their body and intimacy, while others consider it a challenge.
The images capture a lot of emotions and authenticity. This project is also a study of body movement.
Let’s call it (e)MOTION.